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Let’s Make Some Cheesy Zucchini Tots!

I love adding in some extra veggies into Bennett’s favorite treats and he has been loving Tater Tots lately so I decided to make my own version and through in some Zucchini. Zucchini is one of my favorite veggies to add into meals because it has such a tame taste and texture and is easy to sneak in with other foods. These are such a good snack or side to go with your little one’s meals and they taste great. I made these using a dairy-free cheese (because I wanted to eat them too🤪) and they turned out so yummy!


- Four Golden or Two Russet Potatoes

- Three Garlic Cloves

- Teaspoon of Salt

- Teaspoon of Pepper

- One Large Zucchini

- Third Cup of Mozzarella Cheese

Here’s How To Make Them:

First, preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next you’ll need four golden potatoes or you can use two russet potatoes. Add them into a pot preferably a larger one than this and cover with water. Bring that up to a boil then continue to let them cook until fork tender, mine took about 20-25 minutes.

Then take them out and let them cool for a little bit you still want them to be warm just not so hot that you burn your hand.

Then we are going to shred them.

Next clean and shred one large zucchini and make sure you press out the excess liquid.

Now I’m adding in garlic, salt and pepper then a third cup of mozzarella cheese use vegan cheese if you want to keep this recipe dairy free.

Mix everything together with the potatoes still warm your cheese will melt a little bit and it acts as a binder as we are trying to form our tater tots.

Last step here is to brush these with a little bit of oil to help them brown, you could also top with a little extra salt if you wanted.

Bake these for about 30 minutes, flip them over half way through so both sides get brown and crispy. Enjoy!

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