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Let’s Make Some Chicken & Veggie Patties!

Something I struggle with sometimes in Baby Led Weaning is finding quick and easy ways to get Protein into my little guy. He absolutely loves fruit and would eat only that all day if he could but getting him to eat things with protein can be more challenging. He has tried chicken here and there but seems to go back and forth on if he actually likes it or not. Little dude keeps me on my toes!! So after playing around with a couple variations of some kind of chicken and veggie recipe I finally made one my little guy loved. These are easy to make, high in protein from the chicken and have some great nutrients from the veggies.

Why Chicken?

I have been wanting to work on a recipe including Chicken for awhile primarily because it is a quick and easy form of high-quality Protein. In addition to Protein, Chicken is an excellent source of amino acids which are bodies use to build muscle tissue. Chicken also contains Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Iron.


One Pound Ground Chicken

One Cup Applesauce

1/4 Cup Green Onion

1/2 Cup Spinach

One Cup Broccoli

One Egg

1/3 Cup Breadcrumbs

Garlic Powder


How to Make Them:

Let’s start by pre-heating our oven to 400 degrees. Now we can get started on chopping our Green Onion, Spinach, and Broccoli. You will want to chop everything thouroughly to avoid any large chunks.

Now in a large bowl, combine your Ground Chicken with your Veggies and combine. Next we will add in our Applesauce, One Egg, the Breadcrumbs and the spices. Mix everything together.

Next we can get these formed into patties and place them onto an oiled baking sheet. These will bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes, flipping them halfway through. Ensure these are properly cooked before giving them to your little one, the middle of the patties should read about 160 degrees.

Hope your little one likes them!

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