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Let’s Make Some French Toast!

I absolutely LOVE French Toast. This has to be one of my absolute favorite meals so I couldn’t wait to make a Baby Led Weaning version! What I love about this recipe is how simple it is with minimal ingredients and very little prep/cook time. I also love that my little guy cleans the plate whenever I give this to him! A definite mom win! On my Instagram I get so many messages asking for Egg substitutions because their little one can’t have eggs, so I decided to make this recipe using Applesauce instead of Eggs which is traditionally used in French Toast but you can absollutely use one Egg instead of the Applesauce if you prefer.


  • Four Slices of Wheat Bread

  • One Cup Milk of Choice *I prefer Almond or Coconut for this Recipe

  • One Cup Applesauce *No Sugar Added

  • One Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

  • One Tablespoon Cinnamon

  • One Tablespoon Butter *I love EarthBalance Butter for a non-dairy option

How To Make Them:

In a bowl, combine your Milk, Applesauce, Vanilla Extract and Cinnamon. Cut the crusts off each slice of Bread to make it easier for your little one to eat (This is optional depending on your little one’s eating level). Dip each piece of Bread into the batter on both sides. In a large pan, add one tablespoon of Butter then put the pan on medium heat. Once the Butter has melted, add in your soaked pieces of Bread. Let these cook for about three minutes on each side and they are done! Hope your little one likes them!

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