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Let’s Make Some Toast Strips!

My nine month old loves toast and since it’s super quick and easy to make I love it too! To add extra nutrition I like to use a bread made with sprouted grains such as Dave’s Killer Bread or Ezekiel Bread. When picking out a bread for Baby Led Weaning, you will also want to refrain from using breads with large nuts or seeds in it as these can be a choking hazard. It took my son a little bit of time to figure out how to eat toast without trying to shove the whole thing in his mouth at once so as always keep a close eye on them as they are eating. Here are six nutritious topping ideas for the next time you are offering toast to your little one.

  1. Almond Butter: This is definitely my little one’s favorite option. You can use any nut butter, we just prefer Almond. I would recommend getting an all natural, no salt added nut butter and be sure to spread a very thin layer on top of the toast. Almond Butter is high in protein which is always a benefit for our growing babies. Almond Butter is also good for heart health with high amounts of monosaturated fatty acids along with flavonoids and Vitamin E. My favorite part of Almond Butter is that it contains two essential nutrients, riboflavin and L-carnitine, which are good for brain health. *Since Almond butter can be sticky, I recommend this for babies around 8-9 months or older.

  2. Hard Boiled Egg Yolk with Nutritional Yeast or Garlic Powder: My little guy eats Hard Boiled Eggs quite often and with so many nutritional benefits I was eager to find more ways to incorporate eggs into his diet. For this one I just take the yolk out of a hard boiled egg, put it into a bowl and mash it then mix in some Nutritional Yeast for some added nutrition. Egg Yolks contain essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and is also quite high in iron and calcium, all of which are incredibly beneficial to a growing baby. Egg Yolks do contain saturated fat and cholesterol so I tend to limit him to one egg yolk per day.

  3. Mashed Avocado with Lemon Juice: Avocado Toast is my absolute favorite breakfast and since Avocados is one of my little guy’s favorite foods, I knew he would love it on toast as much as I do. When I make this one I just mash a small amount of Avocado in a bowl, then mix in some lemon juice. He loves it! Avocados are a great Baby Led Weaning food due to their soft texture but they are also incredibly healthy! They are rich in Vitamins A, C and B and contain healthy unsaturated Omega 3 fats. These fats aid in the development of our babies brains. Avocados are also a great source of fiber, iron and potassium.

  4. Hummus: I think my son and I are on the same page in that we could eat Hummus by the spoon full. We can’t get enough! If your little one needs something to go along with his Hummus, toast is a great option. Try out my Baby Led Weaning Hummus recipe for this one! Chickpeas are one of my favorite plant-based protein sources. They are high in Protein and Fiber as well as Potassium and Magnesium.

  5. Pureed Fruit or No Sugar Added Jam: This one is definitely a classic and your little one will love it. To make this I like to puree any fruit that I have on hand and spread a thin layer on top of my toast strips. I try my best to keep the amount of sugar in my son’s diet low so I keep some no sugar added Jam in my fridge incase I don’t have any fruit on hand.

  6. Greek Yogurt with Cinnamon: I give my son Greek Yogurt quite often because it is healthy and he absolutely loves it. I give it to him as is, I use it in cooking, and he even loves it spread on some toast. I usually add a little bit of Cinnamon on top for some extra flavor. The biggest health benefits of Greek Yogurt is of course the Calcium which is extremely important for bone health. Greek Yogurt is also a great source of healthy Fats and Protein. I try to stick to Greek Yogurt with no added flavors or sugars, he still loves it with just a sprinkle of Cinnamon or Nutmeg.

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