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Let’s Talk Nutritious Toppings you can Add to your Little One’s Meals!

If you’ve followed me for awhile you have probably seen me use all or some of these toppings, I absolutely love sneaking nutritious foods into my little guy’s meals and these toppings are the perfect addition. These toppings have little or no taste and pack some great nutrients into small amounts! Here are my favorite nutritious toppings that you can add to your little one’s meals!

Chia Seeds

Health Benefits: Did you know that Chia Seeds contain higher amounts of Calcium then a lot of the popular dairy products? So if your little one is having trouble eating dairy, this may be a great alternative way to get them some Calcium. The oil inside Chia Seeds contains Omega 3 Acids which are extremely beneficial for Heart Health. Chia Seeds are also rich in Protein.

Where to use it: Aside from the obvious Chia Seed Pudding, I love using Chia Seeds on top of sweet foods like Fruit or Yogurt. Bennett’s favorite is when I slice up some Banana, top it with some Almond or Peanut Butter (No Salt Added) then add some Chia Seeds on top.

Flax Seeds

Health Benefits: Flax Seeds are very beneficial to heart health as they contain high Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Flax Seeds also have high Fiber and Protein. It is recommended that you use ground Flax Seeds over whole as they are easier to digest.

Where to use it: Flax Seeds have really no taste and if you grind it, they are easy to sneak into just about anything, I love adding it into my recipes specifically baking recipes as you can mix ground Flax Seeds with water to create a great egg substitute.

Hemp Hearts

Health Benefits: Hemp Hearts are incredibly nutritious, and a little bit goes a long way. Just three tablespoons of Hemp Hearts contain about 9.5 grams of Protein. They are also rich in Manganese which is beneficial for bone development.

Where to use it: Hemp Hearts do have a slight nutty taste so I recommend them on more savory foods, I tend to add them on Avocado Slices, it not only adds some extra nutrition but it also creates more texture making the Avocado easier to hold.

Nutritional Yeast

Health Benefits: Nutritional Yeast has tons of nutrition, it is a really great one to add to your little one’s foods. It is packed with Fiber, Protein, B Vitamins and Zinc. Only two tablespoons has about 8 grams of Protein, this is a great add to any meal!

Where to use it: Nutritional Yeast has a cheesy taste, it is used often in Vegan dishes as a cheese substitute. My favorite use of this for Bennett is to add some to his Pasta meals instead of adding a cheese on top, I also use it often in his breakfasts if I am making him Eggs.

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